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A personalised service that you will never forget

Initial Consultation

From the moment you make your first step to contact Cairns Heritage Homes you will begin to experience a personalised service to help you to find the home you have always dreamed of.

As a small independent developer, we can focus on creating luxury homes that are tailored for your exact needs. All of our houses are individually designed, something the larger developers are not geared up for.

1. Initial consultation

Meet with one of our qualified team to discuss your family’s requirements. Only by getting to know you can we truly begin to understand exactly what are looking for from your new home. We can begin to create an image for the style, size and location that would be perfect for you.

2. Personal viewing

We will arrange for a personal guided on-site viewing at a time that is convenient to you.

3. Customising your interiors

Choose from our exciting collection of complimentary design choices, making your home perfect on the inside as well as on the outside. As our homes are being built, the sooner you commit to buy, the greater input you will be able to have into the finishing touches.

4. Customer promise

Our on-going customer service promise means that in the unlikely event that you find something that doesn’t meet your expectations, our team will be on hand to help get this resolved quickly and easily.


Cairns Heritage Homes is a Premier Guarantee and Global Home Warranties registered developer and builder, and as such we design and build homes not only in accordance with the Building Regulations, but also in accordance with the Premier standards of construction.

Each home is inspected by Premier or Global at key stages, and your new home will be covered by a 10 year New Homes Warranty Policy.

Upon legal completion of your new home you will receive a copy of the relevant Homeowners’ Guide which provides information and guidance on your Building Guarantee Warranty Policy and advice on settling into your new home.

Cairns Heritage Homes has also signed up to the Consumer Code of Home Builders that sets out mandatory requirements that all home builders must meet in their marketing and selling of homes and their after sales customer care.

Further information on the Consumer Code is available on this page

If for whatever reason you are unhappy with the level of our service you can find our  Complaints Procedure here

Privacy Policy

You can find our privacy policy here

 Let’s get started

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